Janelle Clancy – Divine Priestess

Hello! I’m Janelle!

I am a Divine Priestess working with the Feminine Energy helping women rise up and remember who they are. My intention is to work with women teaching sacred practices from the Priestess Archetype to bring in more clients and meaningfulness into their business’s.

I’m a proud furbaby mum, a loving partner, fun Aunty and spiritual quirky friend.

I come from a health background of helping women and children with building confidence, stress management; healthy eating, body movement and relaxation methods through meditation and basic yoga.

It can be hard stepping into your potential when you’ve been told from a young age that you have none. I’ve been helping women for 10 years to break out of societies “norms” and expectations that has suppressed their natural senses and abilities. Through my powerful abilities, I guide women into their own sacred practices so they feel comfortable with being seen for who they really are.

My spiritual path started when I was 22 after losing family members and realising there is so much more to life. Then again, loosing another family member 2 years later. I realised there was so much more to life than repeating patterns of pain. It wasn’t until about a 2 years ago that I was really able to deepen my sacred practice, following the path of my soul.

From a young age, I was always told I was a very sensitive person. I didn’t realise this was my intuition and sixth sense which was making me highly aware of emotions. I now use this amazing ability to pick up what’s going on for people so I can guide them and help shift their energy towards that desirable life…giving them back THEIR POWER.

I connect with The Universe, Goddess, Being’s, Guides and Archangels from the highest of vibrational level when working with my Clients and they always feel shifts in my sessions leaving motivated, confident and more sacred!

I’m really excited to get to know you!



Testimonial: Talia Poala Strega, Psychic Channel & Spiritual Awakener

talia-photo-2-e1525652845977.pngI just want to thank Janelle for an amazing coaching and unblocking session! Talking to her was like skyping with a close friend who’s not only wise but supportive and kind.

She has an amazing energy and it was really easy to be open with her about things that I felt were holding me back. We worked on some blocks and did a wonderful meditation that I will continue to do on my own.

I really feel lighter and more hopeful. I’m so grateful that my guides led me to her so that I could work on a very old block that keeps me  from moving forward. Thanks SO much!!!


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