Face to Face Sacred Feminine Circle in Eagleby

(near Beenleigh).


Being a part of a Sisterhood can help uplift the planets vibration levels as we shift from the old into the new. My intention is all about Love, Healing & Abundance.

This sacred space is to share our experiences of the divine feminine energy which is raising up to meet the masculine energy to balance it out.

I believe we have been suppressed enough and it is our calling with divine feminine energy to rise up and do what our soul has come here to do.

We are at our most powerful when we have healed.

Whether it is through our business or life… it is time to get out of our own way to allow us to blossom, share our stories and show others how they can as well.

As you join this circle, you are taking a vow to step into sacred energy with the support from your sisterhood going through the same transformation… releasing past life traumas and being re-born into the age of remembering and divine feminine power within you.

Sister, in this group you are already accepted, you are already loved for who you truly are and most of all… you are called to speak your truth to the world.

Topics we may talk about are:
– Mary Magdalene and other Divine Feminine women who have been suppressed over the years (including ourselves)
– Sisters, how we are sisters and how we can create space for other sisters
– Bringing this work into our work and life

Your investment is $38 and the paypal link will be up soon.

– to be open to being supported from yourself and others

You am I, I am you, we are one.

It is through Sisterhood we heal.

❁ breath in ••• breath out ❁

💖 Love Janelle.


Sisterhood of Love, Healing and Abundance WOMEN’S CIRCLE


VIP Program

Are you a spiritual woman whose life and business feels chaotic right now!? You’re not able to focus on anything and you feel like you’re really lost but deep down you KNOW there’s much more of a grounded, more focused and clear direction for you to take in life and your business. Don’t worry… I’ve been there too and at the time I hated that feeling of being all over the place!

My 6 Month VIP Program is spiritually designed to tailor your needs because when you are more focused and in tune with yourself you can offer your talents and gifts to this world easier. It’s just really hard doing it by yourself. You and I get to meet each week to discuss what needs healing in order for you to evolve in life and grow in your business. Together we discover your clear direction for a smoother less bumpy path. I also guide you through my psychic abilities and I teach you how to hear your own intuition.

When working with me you get:

  • Weekly calls which are recorded with Zoom so you don’t miss or forget anything
  • For those times you need it outside of our calls, you will get unconditional support through Messenger or Voxer
  • Intuitive coaching and extra psychic guidance from a higher power
  • Guided healings to remove what no longer serves you
  • And channeling towards your purpose

You know your life and business HAS to get better then feeling lost and all over the place! My VIP Program gives you that 6 months of support to get you into that focused and balanced feeling to make it all happen. Imaging becoming clearer on what your life’s purpose is and learning how to speak your truth. There is an abundance of energy which flows through you, let’s see what you can do with that! When you know there’s something way better in store for you and you know your business can grow much more… this is an absolute necessity for that to happen!

You also get with me:

  • The spiritual support as you work through those overwhelming emotions
  • A SAFE place for you to practice speaking your truth
  • Working out what your next step is in your business
  • + Access to any of my other paid programs for free

The value of this transforming program is $680 per month!

The two easy PayPal options are:

  • When you pay in full, you get $400 off!
  • Or pay $680 monthly

As a bonus with working with me, I teach you meditations to connect deeper with your inner guidance to help you flow easier and this is valued at $450 by itself. Not forgetting the other paid programs you get to access for free which are worth over $1,000

The total value of this complete offer is over $5,530 and if you pay this in full you are getting it for $3,680! I am not offering this tailored materiel and support with any of my other programs.

There are only limited spots open for this VIP Program and these spots will fill up quick because people know the clarity they get from working with me!

For all of this you’re getting it at $3,680 when you pay in full or pay $680 monthly though the easy PayPal options.

If this is calling your name, I invite you to reach out to speak with me. If you want to know more details about this or if you’re not 100% sure if it’s for you, just PM me and we can talk more about it…

I’m so excited about the possibility of working with you!

Monthly Payment (for 6 Months)


Full 6 Monthly Payment

$400 off the price


Sisterhood of Love, Healing and Abundance – Membership Group

(Launching soon)
I’m so excited to launch this group for women who know they have abilities to help heal themselves or others in the world but they aren’t sure who to turn to or … they aren’t sure how to make them stronger. Your abilities can be used to help you in all areas of your life and actually bringing your future to the now.
This private FB (Facebook) group will consist of weekly FB Lives, healing meditations and being able to hang out with other amazing women who are on the exact same path as you… helping you heal and move on becoming stronger in your abilities.

Healing through Abilities – Membership Group

~ Monthly Payment ~


Client Testimonial:

“I found Janelle to be a very supportive, positive and non-judgemental coach. She encouraged me to think outside the square and beyond the “safe” choices in life. Janelle asked very thought-provoking questions which allowed me to unlock a deeper side of myself to clearly identify the direction I want in my life to head.

Janelle assisted me through a turbulent time in my life and I have come out the other side a much more balanced, positive person who remains focus on her priorities in life. I now live each day by one of Janelle’s motto’s: “Be the person you want to be, today.”

Bernie, Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Sixth Sense in 7 Days

YES! I want to GROW my abilites! (USD)


Have you heard the saying “we all have abilities, you just have to tap into them” and you’re like, “yes, that’s me!” … but … you don’t want to tell anyone you want to try it because they might think you’re strange! In this experience with me, you get to step into the confidence of owning your gifts, using the abilities you’ve been given in a way to create the life that you desire or to help others. 

“You are a gift to this world when you use what’s inside you”

Sixth Sense in 7 Days starting Monday 18 June. This is an experience where you’re going to be given daily teachings and guidance to help release any blockages preventing you from using your abilities. Connecting you to a higher power and giving you the confidence to practice more. You get to join a private facebook group where you can share what you experience with other women trying the same thing… because everyone’s experience is unique. If you know that you’ve been put on this earth to do something bigger or help others, then this is where you start!

We will be releasing what it is blocking you from using your abilities through detaching what doesn’t serve you anymore. Learning how to be your true self in front of others.

By Expanding your abilities it helps increase your awareness of yourself, hearing your inner voice more clearer and of how others are feeling too. You have to join this because it helps you deepen your relationship with yourself and others around you, I know how important that is…. also keeping in mind you will learn the true way which is YOUR unique way!

“A journey back to Love “

Sixth Sense in 7 Days

DAY 1: FOUNDATION. Learn exactly what the foundation belief is for using your abilities… we dig into what the driving force is behind your life (e.g. universe). Get to know and be more comfortable with what that is for you creating connection with your natural flow of energy. 

DAY 2: RELEASING. We look into what we can start to release to help you remove limiting beliefs from your past that no longer serve you anymore. It’s important to find out what it is so you can start to detach from the stigma of other people’s opinions about it. This helps you see your life’s direction more clearly and you find that old dramas don’t affect you as much anymore, it’s like you standing in the middle of a storm and you’re not getting rained on  … keeping grounded is the key.  

DAY 3: BEING YOUR TRUE SELF. As limiting beliefs shift, it becomes easier to be your TRUE SELF without feeling the need to explain to other people! You feel more connected and confident with what you believe and telling people about it. On this day, I will be giving you your first little exciting challenge, I cannot reveal that here though

DAY 4: INNER SELF. At times it can become daunting to go on a journey like this. Your connection with us and knowing your foundation helps you go deeper into knowing who you truly are, that is your inner self and being comfortable with who that is. You will be given techniques to practice that beautiful inner connection.

DAY 5: RESULTS & BENEFITS: You will start getting confirmation in your life through little signs that your abilities are working … at times … it’s a wee bit scary and other times you just wanna go “YES!!!!” … I will be sharing with you how to protect yourself, ground your energy and trust trust trusting in yourself

You will start to see and feel life falling into place, going the direction you want it to go. The right people will start coming into your life for that bigger purpose.

DAY 6: PRACTICE. We will be talking about how far you want to take your journey in growing your abilities … it’s a different and special path for everyone. I will be sharing techniques for you to work on and deepen.

DAY 7: KEEPIN’ IT GOIN’. Everyone’s experience is unique and taking us all on different paths to each other. Here we will be talking about how to connect with other like minded women and how to be comfortable with change when it arises. Raising your vibration levels to help keep you motivated when you might go off the path a little (which happens to everyone). 

“Divinity is within you”

In this experience with me, you get to step into the confidence of owning your gifts, using the abilities you’ve been given in a way to create the life that you desire or to help others. Make that next step in a safe and supporting environment. You will learn the true way which is YOUR way! 

You will have access to message me anytime during this experience and you will get a guided meditation to help clear up blockages.

This experience is $15.99USD. Please find the registration link in the comments.

There is also an extra bonus with a channelled message for exactly what your next step is at the end… I do not know what this is yet, it will come through to match the energy of the group! This extra bonus is valued at $111 (you get it for free). Exciting!!!

All up you’re getting $259 worth of teachings and material for $15.99USD! That is an amazing offer!!

Please find the registration link in the comments below.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have around this and if you’re not sure if this course if for you, reach out to me and lets talk more about it.

YES! I want to GROW my abilites! (USD)



6 Week Course: Connecting Your Mind, Body & Soul

Yeeeee, you know I’m a joy seeker and this is what brings me joy! Teaching about connecting with what matters! This course is “Connecting Your Mind, Body & Soul” so you can strip away what doesn’t serve you anymore and get to know yourself on a deeper level!

There sure is more to life than what we know it to be. Energy and all that jazz… it’s one of those things I love to teach about. You know, just being in a hot mess wasn’t for me anymore, I was soooo tired of people not being pleased with me, so, I stopped pleasing people! Sounds easy, but, I had to do the work to help release old patterns and this is best done in a safe environment with support from someone who understands you.

This course is valued at $427, starting on Monday 7th May … these transforming six weeks will give you access to a private Facebook Group with like minded women, 7 hours of Live teachings (recorded for you to keep), weekly Q&A’s, a safe place to grow, healing meditations plus more –

Week 1: Learn to choose you first & why
Week 2: What to let go of to be able to connect
Week 3: Connecting all three
Week 4: Awareness teachings that work
Week 5: Use the right techniques to connect
Week 6: Keeping the connection strong

You did not come across this by accident, something has brought you here because you are wanting something more in life…

Single Payment Option


Two Payments Option