Self~Love Full Moon Circle with Janelle Clancy.

This will be safe and sacred space to share, heal and create new Self~Love beliefs with the Full Moon’s energy to help you remove any limiting beliefs which may be holding you back from being in touch with your true calling.


Janelle is a former Coach turned Divine Priestess. She is a Teacher of Self-Love to help your life or business align with who you truly are. She uses her inner knowing and connection with the Divine to help guide you along a path of Unconditional Love. She uses sound healing and chanting in some of her practices.

Sisters of Self~Love Membership Group

(Launching 8 February)
I’m so excited to launch this group for women who know they have abilities to help heal themselves or others in the world but they aren’t sure who to turn to or … they aren’t sure how to make them stronger. Your abilities can be used to help you in all areas of your life and actually bringing your future to the now.
This private FB (Facebook) group will consist of weekly FB Lives, healing meditations and being able to hang out with other amazing women who are on the exact same path as you… helping you heal and move on becoming stronger in your abilities.

Sisters of Self~Love Membership Group

~ Reoccurring Monthly Payment ~



Are you a spiritual woman whose life and business feels chaotic right now!? You’re not able to focus on anything and you feel like you’re really lost but deep down you KNOW there’s much more of a grounded, more focused and clear direction for you to take in life and your business. Don’t worry… I’ve been there too and at the time I hated that feeling of being all over the place!

My 3 Month Mentoring is spiritually designed to tailor your needs because when you are more focused and in tune with yourself you can offer your talents and gifts to this world easier. It’s just really hard doing it by yourself. You and I get to meet each week to discuss what needs healing in order for you to evolve in life and grow in your business. Together we discover your clear direction for a smoother less bumpy path. I also guide you through my psychic abilities and I teach you how to hear your own intuition.

When working with me you get:

  • Weekly calls which are recorded with Zoom so you don’t miss or forget anything
  • For those times you need it outside of our calls, you will get unconditional support through Messenger
  • Intuitive coaching and extra psychic guidance from a higher power
  • Guided healings to remove what no longer serves you
  • And channeling towards your purpose

You know your life and business HAS to get better then feeling lost and all over the place! My VIP Program gives you that 6 months of support to get you into that focused and balanced feeling to make it all happen. Imaging becoming clearer on what your life’s purpose is and learning how to speak your truth. There is an abundance of energy which flows through you, let’s see what you can do with that! When you know there’s something way better in store for you and you know your business can grow much more… this is an absolute necessity for that to happen!

You also get with me:

  • The spiritual support as you work through those overwhelming emotions
  • A SAFE place for you to practice speaking your truth
  • Working out what your next step is in your business
  • + Access to any of my other paid programs for free

The value of this transforming program is $680 per month!

As a bonus with working with me, I teach you meditations to connect deeper with your inner guidance to help you flow easier and this is valued at $450 by itself. Not forgetting the other paid programs you get to access for free which are worth over $1,000

The total value of this complete offer is over $5,530 and if you pay this in full you are getting it for $3,680! I am not offering this tailored materiel and support with any of my other programs.

There are only limited spots open for this VIP Program and these spots will fill up quick because people know the clarity they get from working with me!

For all of this you’re getting it at $3,680 when you pay in full or pay $680 monthly though the easy PayPal options.

If this is calling your name, I invite you to reach out to speak with me. If you want to know more details about this or if you’re not 100% sure if it’s for you, just PM me and we can talk more about it…

I’m so excited about the possibility of working with you!

Monthly Payment

3 Month Mentoring Package