‘FREE YOUR MIND’ A Course In Letting Go: 10 March 2018 $111

To be more in your Personal Power, you have to LET GO of what doesn’t serve you anymore. This helps you stand up for yourself easier and creating the life you desire.
I help you do exactly that through Intuitive Awareness Coaching. I’m so EXCITED to bring this course to people!
* Learn to choose you first
* Use the right tools in letting go
* Raising your confidence levels
* Connecting with your higher self
* Awareness teachings that work

Yes, I want to join!



Connecting with other people can often lift your spirit by telling your story and you get me in this group doing Chakra Card Readings and giving you mini 1 day eCourses. The topic will vary from week to week to whatever your needs are with what you want to deal with or know how to cope with.